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‘You’re not just going to be engaged, you’ll create a lifelong network’

Syed Mohammad Faizan, a studious undergrad student and figure head in two organizations, shares his experiences with YOUNIFI and bestows valuable words of advice to aspiring fellow students.

“I am a third year student at BRAC University’s Business Department. I have great interest in Accounting and Finance – they are my majors. My life at school was pretty awesome; I played all kinds of sports and represented my school S.F.X Greenherald International School in various tournaments. I also performed drama in school plays. Personally, I think these experiences have taken me very far, probably not academically but as a person. For example: sports taught me first hand leadership and drama has given me the skill to adapt to unideal instances.

My responsibilities have grown proportionally with my age and now, as I stand in my third year of undergraduation, I am proudly the president of an incredible club and an executive member of a social start-up.

Starting with my club. I started at the bottom when I joined IABC | BRAC University as a freshman. Back then, it was so strange to me; it is pretty tough to get accepted here and I believe luck favored me a lot. Focusing on my activities, I faced countless transitions here, but what kept me around were the people. All 40 members here are like family and the bonding we share is our utmost priority. The first major and most memorable experience I thoroughly cherish is BUGMUN 2016. It was an experience like no other. BUGMUN is our signature event; it is arguably the largest, international and only residential MUN in the country. BUGMUN creates this beautiful aura, that brings youth all around the country and beyond to work together for the betterment of the world.

As the president, right now I wish to work for the benefit of my peers in BRACU and IABC does have some exciting plans up its sleeves for the near future. However, in the long-run, we will expand our activities so that we can positively impact those outside BRAC University as well. As an organization, we work to hone leadership, diplomacy and communication in our members, and we try to project that through our activities too.

Moving onto my second involvement; I joined when a few of my friends approached me with its idea. Nerdiz functions to merge education with technology. Currently, we are working on creating a culture of simulating practical learning via VR. We have already associated ourselves with several schools, but our aim to to reach underdeveloped regions that lack said technology. One of our immediate plan is to affiliate BRAC NGO in our endeavors, as it is responsible for hundreds of schools both in and outside Dhaka. Our greatest goal at the moment is to create a VR learning lab for students. Right now it is still young, but we have high hopes for Nerdiz.

Certainly, I will graduate from BRAC University and leave IABC and I may not always be a part of Nerdiz, but the life lessons I am cultivating from these ventures will stick with me throughout my career. Therefore, I urge every undergrad student to be active. No matter what you do, always remember, you will never start from the top. You need to work yourself up and that is how you learn things. I would also encourage joining clubs because through clubs, you are not just going to be engaged, you will also create and grow your network that will last you a lifetime.”

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