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About Volunteerism.

A seemingly conventional work with grim implications; that is the definition of volunteerism that we have conjured in our minds. In the inhibited environment that we are all reared in, such a conviction is only natural. However, in reality, volunteerism is an astoundingly rewarding experience that pays dividends. Not only is the collective hustle in matters of similar regard instrumental for the society, it is also quite the gratifying experience for the participants.

Volunteerism and its benefits to society:

  1. Volunteerism is instrumental for the continuation and the success of NGOs.

Many NGOs around us have a significant demand for voluntary work. Due to being fundamentally limited in fundings and the sparsity in prospects of enticements, it is made apparent that they might need some foundation with regards to executing their mission. The multilateral dynamics of volunteerism, whether you invest time in it or contribute financially to it or tell your friends about this lit charity event in Gulshan, has the capacity to bestow profusely to the resultant impacts and triumph of the mission taken over by the NGO.

2.  Expedite short term mitigation.

Something profound that anything besides volunteerism can seldomly do proficiently, is address short term immediate impact of an imminent calamity or mishap. While government officials are busy negotiating a deducted bill, little attention is paid to the families suffering the plight of yet another unrelenting winter. This is where the fresh faced superheroes come in with their winter clothing and kombol drive; volunteerism can greatly mitigate the damages done by calamities.

3. Encourages empathy and philanthropy within a society.

Volunteerism promotes and holds prevalence to the community around you. As an accretion of people take interest and actively participate in volunteering, they develop a distinct and uncensored landscape of the society. Volunteers, on average, spend 50 hours per year donating their time for the greater good. Just the process of stepping out of the utopian illusion one has created in their mind can confound them with all the things in the world that are wrong, and also make them realise just how much lending a hand can help.

Volunteerism and its benefits to you:

Aside from being a beacon of youth mobility and initiation within a community, volunteering is also an incredibly rewarding experience for the individual doing it.

1. An Abundance of Networking Opportunities.

And hey, in any of your teamwork to make the world a better place, you might find a cute boy who’s accredited themselves with the same social activist title that you’ve so endearingly placed upon yourself. I can’t imagine that not being a plus. Regardless of that, events of such allow you to meet people with similar interests and allow you to discover a horizon of possibilities yet uninhabited.

2. Exposure to New Environments.

A teenager from an above middle class family in Dhaka is not accustomed to having their house destroyed as a result of unrelenting flooding or having their primary source of income cut off because their cow got sick. This is where volunteering comes in. It introduces an individual to circumstances and environments, differing from the ones they are accustomed to. This allows said individual to accommodate with the surroundings and be more versatile and adaptable in nature, and also makes it easier for them to further develop an intuitive understanding over previously uninhabited environments. Having your jeans soaked to the knees in areas of frequent flooding and catching a glimpse into the life of an abuse survivor does help broaden your horizons of perception in regards to your community. And exposure to such environments also allows to develop skills such as team work, communication and leadership that are instrumental for future success.

3. Development of Empathy and Compassion.

Once you expose yourself to such environments, you get to understand the ever-emergent and catastrophic perils of people of different communities. This develops a natural inclination to help the ones who need it. As a result, volunteers are almost twice as likely to donate to a charity than those that don’t volunteer according to a study published by The Corporation for National & Community Service in 2005. Acknowledging the potential threats to your community, and further knowing that your contribution can help reverse their effects, does not only overwhelm you with compassion but also associate a feeling of accomplishment within yourself. It also acquaints you with the assurance that a better world is upon the horizon. And once you know tying up the red tape around the collar of your shirt remains the only hope for mankind’s salvation, saving mankind isn’t just a gesture of passing compassion, but a lifelong mission.

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